Are you unstoppable?

The more wins you get, the bigger your reward...

This weekend we've added some extra rewards when you dig in and show your opponents you are unstoppable. You need to win at least 5 challenges to qualify for this competition - shouldn't be a problem for a skilled player like yourself... Right?


Updated Saturday and Sunday at 6:00 PM CET
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$100 in cash is up for grabs

The top 3 players with the most challenges won between Friday and Sunday earns some extra cash on top of the challenge prize pools:

  • 1st place $50
  • 2nd place $25
  • 3rd place $15

Anyone who has won >5 challenges is entered into a draw where the winner is rewarded with $10

How to compete:

  • Click "Join event"
  • Win as many challenges as you can between Friday 30th 12:00 PM CET and Sunday 2nd 11:59 PM CET
  • The event is open for players from all games

The winners will be presented on this event page, on our Twitter and Facebook as well as contacted via email on Monday the 3rd

Terms & Conditions

  • Standard Terms and conditions apply

  • You are responsible for all the actions taken on your account and only you are allowed to play on your account

  • Abusing different glitches and/or cheats or non intended bugs in-game will disqualify you instantly

  • Suspicious player patterns will be investigated and any evidence of abuse such as (but not limited to) multiple accounts, ghost accounts or match manipulation will disqualify you instantly and can result in permanent ban

  • We reserve all the rights to change the rules and/or structure of the event at our sole discretion. Any decisions taken by management in this regard are final