Entry fee 0 RP
Starting Prize Pool 4,000 RP
Rewards below are paid out within 24 hours
after the results have been validated
40.0% of final prize pool 1,600 RP
30.0% of final prize pool 1,200 RP
20.0% of final prize pool 800 RP
4 10.0% of final prize pool 400 RP

Aftershock Ladder

This is a fast paced Daily Ladder for everyone! Join the ladder and immediately jump into the action!

Starcraft 2 Ruleset

  • The games are played in Best of 1.
    The player with the lowest MMR gets to pick the map.

  • Current Map Pool that we use to play are: 2000 Atmospheres LE, Beckett Industries LE, Blackburn LE, Jagannatha LE, Lightshade LE, Oxide LE & Romanticide LE.

How to play

  1. Click "Join Ladder"
  2. Click “Play Match”
  3. You will shortly be matched with an opponent and you will receive a notification that your first match is ready to play.
  4. The leftmost player in each lobby will be considered the HOST.
  5. After a game is completed, report if you won or lost.

When you get a match with an opponent you are required to play the game, if you do not show up within 5 minutes or refuse to play, an admin will hand out a default win to the present player. If a player is disconnected the opponent can claim a win for that game after 3 minutes have passed, make sure to take a screenshot showing the timer.

Standard Terms & Conditions apply.

Players ladder Score Win/Loss Games Played Win Rate