We are very excited to announce our latest major release code-named ‘Silver Bullet’. This release brings the long-awaited ladder matchmaking feature in addition to many platform improvements and UI tweaks which will make participating in ladders and finding opponents a breeze.

Included in the latest release is the following features & updates:

  • Automatic ladder matchmaking
  • Auto started ladders with limited slots
  • Lobby improvements and UI tweaks
  • Ladder standings refresh
  • Monthly leaderboards with history
  • Automatic refunds for cancelled ladders

Automatic ladder matchmaking

We are happy to announce our latest improvement of the way to participate and play in our ladders. Gone are the days of having to manually find and challenge opponents. Now all you have to do is to join the ladder queue and we will automatically match you with an opponent and give you a notification once your challenge is ready.

alt text

Auto started ladders with limited slots

With this release we have added an all new feature which allows us to create ladders that are automatically started once a set number of players have joined them. This allows for ladders being in a “populating” stage and making sure all players are on even grounds once it starts off.

alt text

Lobby improvements and ui tweaks

With ladders being the most popular way of participating in Battleriff challenges we have moved the old “Open challenge” button away from the ‘Lobby’ and into the ‘Challenges’ page. It has also been renamed to “Custom challenge" to better reflect what it’s all about. The old “Quick Play” function has been removed as it is now integrated within ladder play.

All custom challenges available to join will also be found directly on the 'Challenges' page, so keep an eye out over there for any high stake challenges going on or to create one of your own!

The ladder headers now fits all of the important information within it making the overall ladder view fit more information on the screen.

alt text

Ladder standings refresh

You can now refresh the ladder rankings without having to reload the entire page by using the new push button featured in all ladders.

alt text

Monthly leaderboards

We now have monthly leaderboards replacing the weekly ones. We also keep track of previous months records for some serious bragging rights!

alt text

Automatic refunds for cancelled ladders

In the case where a buy-in ladder for any reason is cancelled, all entry fees are now automatically refunded instantly.

We hope that you will enjoy all of the new features. The team will be looking to further improve upon ladder rankings & the matchmaking experience as we continue to build Battleriff to be the best online community for both casual and pro gamers alike! As always we would love to hear your feedback so don’t hesitate to contact us!