Event type
  • All Pick
  • Best of 1
  • No Ban
  • Tavern Brawl Deck
Prize Pool
Entry fee
Ranking range
"#{@ladder.ranking_min} - #{@ladder.ranking_max}"

Tavern Brawl Ladder

Brawl is our ladders featuring the current Tavern Brawl rules. The goal of the ladder is to get as high “Ladder score” as possible. The top players will be rewarded with prizes.

Premium users will enjoy a 3x multiplier to the prize pool for a top finish.

Players with less than 10 matches played in this ladder are not eligible for rewards

How to compete:

  • Click "Join ladder"
  • Click “Play Match” (only available when the event is “ongoing”)
  • You will shortly be matched with an opponent. Once you get a notification that your match is ready, add each other in the game and play with the given rules of the ladder.
  • After the match is completed, report the outcome of the match and your “Ladder score” automatically starts to count.
  • Track your progress in the “ladder” tab.
  • Make sure to take ingame screenshots of all match results in case of a dispute or being requested by an admin.

Ladder rules

  • This ladder is played using the current Tavern Brawl game mode.

  • When you get a match with an opponent you are required to play the game, if you do not show up within 5 minutes or refuse to play, an admin will decide whether the match is cancelled or if a default win is handed out. (frequent abuse by not showing up or delaying matches will result in a warning and ultimately getting banned)

  • If a player is disconnected the opponent can claim a win for that game after 3 minutes have passed, make sure to take a screenshot showing the timer.

  • If there is a tie in ladder score an admin will decide whether a tie breaker will be played or if global ranking score will be the deciding factor.

Terms & Conditions

  • Standard Terms and conditions apply

  • Being abusive by spamming, harassing, threatening or insulting other players in chat on Battleriff or ingame is not a tolerated behaviour and will result in (but is not limited to) the following: warnings, deduction of riffpoints, deduction of ladder points, getting banned. If one player clearly states that they do not want to be engaged by any form of chat messages from the other player (apart from banning classes) this is to be respected by the other player. If you encounter any breach of these rules while taking part in Battleriff matches, take screenshots and contact an admin.

  • You are responsible for all the actions taken on your account and only you are allowed to play on your account with the connected battle.tag shown on your player profile.

  • Abusing different glitches, cheats or non intended bugs in-game will disqualify you instantly

  • Suspicious player patterns will be investigated and any evidence of abuse such as (but not limited to) win trading, multiple accounts, ghost accounts or match manipulation will disqualify you instantly and can result in a permanent ban

  • We reserve all the rights to amend the rules and/or structure of the event at our sole discretion. In the unlikely case of a dispute, we reserve the right to interpret the rules at our sole discretion. Any decisions taken by management in this regard are final.