We are happy announce our latest updates which includes the Premium upgrade which will bring tons of awesome events to Battleriff.

Included in the latest release is the following features & updates:

  • Battleriff Premium
  • Updated ladder score system
  • Lobby improvements and UI tweaks
  • Global Ranking Decay

Battleriff Premium

We are excited to release our Premium upgrade which is available to all users giving access to a large selection of Premium content every week with awesome rewards. Premium is available as a 7-day free trial with a monthly cost of only $4.99 after that.

Updated ladder score system

The ladder score system has been updated and should reward players who perform well within a ladder more fairly. This update has been in testing for a few weeks and we are continually making improvements to it.

Lobby improvements and UI tweaks

The lobby view has been updated with two new sections. The Activity panel and the Last ladder winners. The lobby chat will no longer be crowded with activity feed and can be used for chatting more efficiently!

Global Ranking Decay

We have updated the system which handles players global ranking score. Players will now drop in global ranking score depending on recent activity. This update will ensure that the global players view is always fresh.

We hope that you will enjoy these new features and looking forward to your feedback!