Berserker Invitational Season 2 - $1000 Cash Prize Pool

  • Prepare for an Epic showdown as the Battleriff Berserker Invitational Season 2 tournament takes place on Wednesday, 6th of October at 18:00 CEST.

Put your card slinging skills to the test and fight for glory and total prize pool of $1000 cash

  • 24 of the total 32 tournament spots are open for anyone to qualify to while 8 spots are reserved for directly invited players!

How to qualify

Finish in a top spot in any of our daily events between September 1 - October 2 to advance to the Frenzy Qualifier League that takes place on October 3.

The top 24 participants of the Frenzy Qualifier League will be seeded straight into the main $1000 Berserker Tournament.

Invited Players

  • 8 of the total 32 tournament spots have been issued as direct invites to the following players

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Prize pool split

1st place $450
2nd place $250
3rd place $150
4th place $150

General Information

  • Game mode: Standard, Conquest, Best of 5, 1 Ban, Blind Pick.

  • Open decklists, all invited and qualified players have to submit their 4 decks no later than 23:59 on Tuesday 5th of October and they will become publicly available before the tournament starts. Submit your decks as all 4 decks merged into 1 image to

All decklists are required to be provided in English. We recommend using the Yaytears tool and taking a screenshot.

  • All tournament discussions and manual reporting of match results to an admin will take place on the Battleriff Discord in the #tournaments channel. Join the Discord server here:




General Rules

  • This tournament is played on the EU server.
  • The format of this tournament is Standard, Conquest, Best of 5, 1 Ban, Blind Pick. Open Decklists.
  • The player bracket size is 32 players.
  • Players have to supply their own account and cards.
  • Players not checked in by submitting their decks according to the time schedule are automatically excluded.
  • Players are responsible to refresh the bracket themself to find out who their opponents are. ___


  • All matches are played in single elimination mode.
  • The decks submitted are the only ones you may use in the entire tournament, playing decks built with different cards will instantly disqualify you.
  • All matches are played in best of 5 mode (bo5) Blind Pick.
  • You will ban 1 of your opponents classes. This is the primary tool that should be used to ban decks
  • In Conquest mode the player who wins a game must pick another deck, the losing player can keep playing the same deck or choose another one.
  • The decks you have won with may not be used again in the same match.
  • The time limit to show up for each match is 15 minutes.
  • Disconnects count as loss for the disconnected player and the current game after 3 minutes have passed (multiple disconnects will count as loss for the disconnected player if the total disconnected time is 3 minutes).
  • Games which ends in a draw must be replayed using the same decks.
  • If a game reaches the turn limit, the player with the most combined hitpoints + armor is the winner of the game.
  • Players must take screenshots of each match result. In case of a dispute you may be asked to send them to us.
  • The winning player reports the full match results to one of our admins in the discord text channel #tournaments. For example: “Roachboy won 3-2”.
  • Any matches may be streamed, we suggest doing so with a delay.
  • If a case arises which is not covered in the rules, please contact an admin which will judge the case.
  • If asked by an admin, you must accept their friend requests on occasions when matches are recorded or broadcasted.
  • Battleriff admins have the final saying on all of the rules.
  • These rules may be changed at any time without prior notice.

Checking in & Availability

A player will be considered checked in once they have submitted their deck lists prior to the tournament.