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We are very excited to announce the latest major release on Battleriff: "Loaded Gun". We are now two months into 2017 and this release brings a brand new feature in addition to many improvements and fixes making Battleriff easier to use than ever.

Included in the latest release is the following features & updates:

  • Prize Pool Ladders
  • New & improved Challenge Creation
  • Improved chat notifications
  • Challenge Duration Tweaks
  • Faster reward distribution

Prize Pool Ladders

We are proud to announce our latest extension to our ladder system - Prize Pool Ladders! These type of ladders allow us to set an ‘entry fee’ amount which contributes to the total prize pool, but don’t worry we are still keeping free ladders! For each prize pool ladder we will define a ‘base prize pool’ amount with either free or paid entry. This is the first evolution of our vision for our ladder system, and there is a long exciting road ahead!

New & improved Challenge Creation

We are always looking for ways to improve your user experience. So we have spent time to develop a new & improved challenge creation screen which allows you to challenge directly, and create open challenges from one single page. This includes the ability to search for users, and allows new users to understand the meaning behind different types of challenges. With this in place we now have the foundations to build on and develop additional challenge types, settings as well as recommending opponents to compete against.

Improved chat notifications

We have improved the chat notifications to give more specific messaging for when a new users join the platform and existing users come online. We have also fixed the bug which caused users to ‘come online’ multiple times in a row in the chat. We will be building upon this notification infrastructure to support more meaningful notifications.

Challenge Duration Tweaks

Included in this release have been a number of back-end changes. The most important being that we have changed the ‘On-Going Challenge’ duration to a 1 hour timeout, and ‘Pending Challenges’ to a 2 hour timeout. This means that when you now enter a challenge you will have 1 hour to complete it before being cancelled automatically by timeout. The aim of this change was to stop users from becoming ‘locked up’ from entering quick play because their opponent went AFK. To complement this change you can now only have 4 ‘On-Going Challenges' at one single time.

Faster Reward Distribution

Cash rewards for finished ladders are now distributed faster (within 24 hours after the events completion).

Keep in mind that we are just getting started here and can't wait to show you what's coming up next! You've seen the 'Loaded Gun' now wait for the 'Silver Bullet' ;)