Battleriff Invitational 1 - $1000 Cash Prize Pool

  • Kicking off Wednesday, 28th of October. The Battleriff Invitational 1 tournament will be played on the EU server. Put your skills to the test and fight for glory and total prize pool of $1000 cash + 20,000 Riffpoints

  • This tournament will start 18:00 CET on the 28th of October

You will find the tournament stream live HERE around 19:00 CET.

  • 16 of the total 32 tournament spots are open for anyone to qualify to. This is done through our multiple qualifier ladders leading up to this event where a first place finish will secure you a spot. Battleriff Qualifier ladders will be held on the following dates: September 25, 27, 29 October 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 (x2 this date), 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21

Invited Players

  • 16 of the total 32 tournament spots have been issued as direct invites to the following players:

alt text

Qualified Players

  • Brookyp
  • reqvam
  • SKRegnskog
  • HokageHS
  • TheTeacherHS
  • paljuha
  • Zany
  • Levik
  • Felzak
  • Patts
  • ZoltanHS
  • CheeseHead
  • xalax
  • Bullbence

General Information

  • 16 Invitational spots and 16 Open Qualifier spots, $1000 Prize pool split as follows:

1st place $450
2nd place $250
3rd place $150
4th place $150
5th place 5000 Riffpoints
6th place 5000 Riffpoints
7th place 5000 Riffpoints
8th place 5000 Riffpoints

  • Game mode: Standard, Conquest, Best of 5, 1 Ban, Blind Pick.

  • Open decklists, all invited and qualified players have to submit their 4 decks before Monday 26th of October 23:59 CET and they will become publicly available before the tournament starts. Submit your decks as all 4 decks merged into 1 image to

  • All tournament discussions and manual reporting of match results to an admin will take place on the Battleriff Discord in the #tournaments channel. Join the Discord server here:




General Rules

  • This tournament is played on the EU server.
  • The format of this tournament is Standard, Conquest, Best of 5, 1 Ban, Blind Pick. Open Decklists.
  • The player bracket size is 32 players.
  • Players have to supply their own account and cards.
  • Players not checked in by submitting their decks according to the time schedule are automatically excluded.
  • Players are responsible to refresh the bracket themself to find out who their opponents are. ___


  • Players must submit 4 decks with different classes before Monday 26th of October 23:59 CET and they will become publicly available before the tournament starts.
  • All matches are played in single elimination mode.
  • The decks submitted are the only ones you may use in the entire tournament, playing decks built with different cards will instantly disqualify you.
  • Zayle, Shadow Cloak is not allowed to be included in any decklists.
  • All matches are played in best of 5 mode (bo5) Blind Pick.
  • You will ban 1 of your opponents classes. This is the primary tool that should be used to ban decks
  • In Conquest mode the player who wins a game must pick another deck, the losing player can keep playing the same deck or choose another one.
  • The decks you have won with may not be used again in the same match.
  • The time limit to show up for each match is 15 minutes.
  • Disconnects count as loss for the disconnected player and the current game after 3 minutes have passed (multiple disconnects will count as loss for the disconnected player if the total disconnected time is 3 minutes).
  • Games which ends in a draw must be replayed using the same decks.
  • If a game reaches the turn limit, the player with the most combined hitpoints + armor is the winner of the game.
  • Players must take screenshots of each match result. In case of a dispute you may be asked to send them to us.
  • The winning player reports the full match results to one of our admins in the discord text channel #tournaments. For example: “Roachboy won 3-2”.
  • Any matches may be streamed, we suggest doing so with a delay.
  • If a case arises which is not covered in the rules, please contact an admin which will judge the case.
  • If asked by an admin, you must accept their friend requests on occasions when matches are recorded or broadcasted.
  • Battleriff admins have the final saying on all of the rules.
  • These rules may be changed at any time without prior notice.

  • Additionally all participants have to adhere the 2020 official Player handbook and the official Masters Tour Qualifier ruleset which can be found below.

Player Handbook
Masters Tour Qualifier ruleset


“Seeding” and “No Show”

All invited players will first be randomly seeded into the bracket.

All qualified players will then be seeded into the bracket, each facing one of the invited players. This is completely randomized to ensure fairness.

If some players don't show up on the day of the tournament we may add players from a reserve list, if not available some players may directly advance to round 2 in the bracket. In this case your opponent will be displayed as “N/A” in the bracket until the first round is complete.

The bracket seeding will be completed the day before the tournament starts but in case of no shows some players me be replaced.
An admin will give a notification in the discord channel #tournaments when you may begin playing your matches which should be around 18:00 CET on the 28th of October.
Players have 15 minutes to show up after the admin have given the notification.
Contact your opponent and add their battle.tag on
If your opponent still have not showed up after 15 minutes, contact an admin and this may lead to a defwin for the present player.

When you have won a match some waiting time can occur as your upcoming opponent may not have finished their match in the previous round. Once both players have advanced to the same round there is a 15 minute rule to show up for that match.
It is however advised to take contact with your opponent directly and notify them if you need a 10 minute break in between matches.

“round”, “match” and “game”

A best of 5 “match” is played between two players and consists of up to 5 “games” where the first player to win 3 “games”
(1 win with each of the submitted decks excluding the banned deck) advances to the next “round” of “matches”

“Rounds” consists of several matches, for example: All of the matches in the brackets most left column is called “Round 1”,
the next column “Round 2” and so on until the “final round” where only 1 match between 2 players is left.

Checking in & Availability

A player will be considered checked in once they have submitted their deck lists prior to the tournament. As this can be done at any time up until Monday 26th of October 23:59 CET we require a notice from you in case you later find out you can't make it to the tournament so we can find a replacement.