Introducing Leagues

As we have previously hinted, leagues will soon be coming to Battleriff and we want to give everyone an introduction on how they will operate and how you can take part.

First of all there will be two leagues, the Amateur League and the Pro League. Both leagues will take place on the EU server, utilize the same set of rules and work identical to each other but differentiate in requirements to join and the prize pools offered.

The Amateur League is open for everyone to join and does not have a maximum number of participants but requires a global ranking score of 300+ to enter. Global ranking score is gained by taking part in our weekly and daily ladders where each win earns you 10 global ranking score. By the end of each season there will be a number of top players from the Amateur League who earns a spot in the Pro League.

Amateur League prize pool

  • 100,000 Riffpoints
  • Top 10 earns entry into the next season of the Pro League

The Pro League will be invite only and have a limited number of spots available, the first season will start with 120 spots which are direct invites. There will be some criteria to fulfill to keep your spot in between seasons in the Pro League.

Pro League prize pool

  • $5,000

While these are the initial prize pools for Season 1, we look forward to reward all participating players further as we progress with the seasons.

League format

How you play in our leagues is done in a similar fashion of how our current ladders work but will have some key features setting them apart:

  • Each Season will last 1 month and will start in the middle of the month on a Monday, ending on a Sunday.
  • Matchmaking will be open 8 hours per day between 16:00 CET and 00:00 CET
  • During the open hours you may queue for an opponent through our matchmaker for as many matches as you like.
  • New league score system to climb in ranks which progressively requires a higher win rate. At the start of a season each player will begin with 1000 League Score.
  • The preliminary format for Season 1 is Best of 3, Last hero standing with 1 ban for each match.

Just as with ladders the following features remain intact:

  • Real time open standings and open list of all ongoing matches so you can track your own and all other players progress.
  • After each match played you earn some Riffpoints which can be used in our marketplace for giftcards and other products.

We believe the best of 3 format in last hero standing will make for the best pace in how the leagues and the matchmaking plays out.

As we learn more on what the official competitive format will be for 2019 we will most likely look to switch to the new system for our upcoming seasons.

The new League Score System

Below is a table explaining exactly how much league score is won or lost depending on your current 'league tier' and how the decay system works.

alt text

We will evaluate the parameters of this system after Season 01 has ended and had a chance to look through all statistics.

We would like to hear feedback from all participating players regarding the score system and league open hours once you've had a chance to try it out. Our goal is to find the best balance where winrate matters while not making it feel too "grindy". If something feels off we will work with the players to fine tune and improve before Season 2 starts.

UPDATE The League Score system for season 2 has been updated and is now working like this:

alt text

Launch date

We expect the following launch date:

  • Amateur & Pro League Season 1: January 14th


We will of course still be hosting ladders on Battleriff which everyone can take part in. There will be a new weekly Open Ladder which does not have any requirement on global ranking score to join, open 24/7.

We will also be hosting at least 2 shorter daily ladders each week featuring unique rules and / or deckbuilding challenges.

Final words

We look forward to improve the leagues as we move along. With the feedback from our players we hope to make each season better than the last and offer a truly competitive environment.

If you intend to take part in the Amateur league you can already prepare yourself by accumulating 300 Global Ranking Score on your Battleriff account by playing in ladders. This will ensure that you gain entry on the launch day.

All information in this article such as rules, formats and dates are preliminary and are subject to change as we continually work on launching the leagues. For questions or feedback, contact: